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Exhibition survey

The thorough implementation party's 19 big spirits, fulfill “the innovation, coordinated, the green, the opening, sharing” the development idea, insisted that take food safety and the industrial supplies side constitutive property reform as the master line, the gathering politics, studies, the labor, business, the intermediary outstanding person, talks together about the international food secure government and the innovation, discusses together food industry promotion and the development, forms the comprehensive consensus and the standard standard, promotes Huai An food transparently altogether to govern with the industrial development on behalf of Jiangsu, affects the nation, radiates the overseas.

Exhibition basic information

Exhibition name: 2018 Chinese Huai An food safety and industrial development summit
Exhibition subject: Green, safety, development, innovation
Exhibition time: on April 19th, 2018 - - on April 21
Opening hour: Exhibition period every day in the morning 9:00-- afternoon 5:00
Exhibition exhibition hall: Huaian sport center A hall, B hall, C hall, D hall, E hall
Exhibition hall address: West Huai An ecology new town piece area 202 townships and east school Fu road intersection 800 meters


   Wang Hao Kun


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