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Overseas brand food pavilion
Invite brand food manufacturer, merchant, importer, agent and dealer from main imported food sources, such as America, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Korea and Japan etc., and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and country and area along “the Belt and Road” to participate in exhibition.
Domestic brand food pavilion
Invite domestic famous brand food and functional health food, and China time-honored brand food enterprise, such as China top brand, China famous brand and China food top one hundred enterprises etc. to participate in exhibition.
Wine and high-end beverages pavilion
Invite brand manufacturer, agent and dealer from overseas famous wine brand, domestic top 10 vintage wines, Jiangsu vintage wine and domestic liquor industry, such as grape, millet wine, rice wine and beer etc. to participate in exhibition.
E-commerce brand food pavilion
Invite famous Internet platform enterprises, food e-commerce, network cargo manufacturer and e-commerce service provider to participate in exhibition.
Jiangsu Featured Food Pavilion 
Invite famous enterprises and special agricultural and sideline products production enterprises in Jiangsu food industry in various regions for exhibition; select carefully Huai’an special food and agricultural products for exhibition and organize exhibition for award-winning works in Huaiyang cuisine contest and quality goods of Huangyang cuisine master.  
Food packaging machinery pavilion 
Invite manufacturer, retailer and service provider in domestic and foreign food processing machinery, food packaging machinery, kitchen equipment, meal utensil, food circulation and terminal selling, etc. for exhibition. 


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