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Time: April 19-21, 2018
Place of exhibition hall: Pavilion A, Pavilion B, Pavilion C, Pavilion D and Pavilion E in Jiangsu Huai’an Sports Complex
Expo address: No. 9 Tongfu Road, Ecologic New Town, Huai’an, Jiangsu
Official website: www.Huai’
E-mail: service@Huai’
Tel: (86) 0517-8390 0639

Contact:  Li Xunfei
Mob:  +86-13951681508

Contact:  Zhuang Cheng Chui

Mob:  +86-18751285626

Contact:  Ma Teng

Mob:  +86-15358697601

Contact:  Ma Teng

Mob:  +86-15358697601

Contact: Wang Hao Kun

Mob:  +86-18605179764



   Wang Hao Kun


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