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Expo Service 
Expo will provide warm and considerable exhibition services, such as exhibition business, traffic, accommodation and catering for exhibitors and purchasers; at the same time, it will bring unexpected harvest, such as abundant Huaiyang cate, colorful travel, cultural experience, etc. and will enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave. 

Exhibition service

Provide services of application and registration, information acquisition, exhibition position decoration and sample storage by official website, official badge, Expo publication and news and committee is responsible for special installation for important enterprises that are invited specially;

Traffic service

Professional company provides free and comprehensive urban transportation service and sets professional and free transfer service in main reaching stations, such as Nanjing Lukou International Airport and High-speed Rail Station, Xuzhou Airport and High-speed Rail Station, Huai’an Lianshui Airport and Motor Station, etc.


Decoration service

Exempt exhibition expense for exhibitors that are specially invited by committee and give 50%-100% decoration subsidy 


Accommodation service

Provide free accommodation service to senior managers of exhibition enterprises and professional purchasers and appoint discounts service for hotels appointed by committee for exhibitor and procurer; 


Food and beverages service

Provide free exhibition period food and beverages service to exhibition enterprise and professional purchaser and provide discount cate service for hotels appointed by committee for exhibitors and purchasers


Travel service

Provide free urban travel service during exhibition period for enterprises and professional purchasers and dredge appointed travel bus lines. 



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